The new online derogatory phrase used by angry 10-27 year olds who needed to replace "Retard" that are obsessed with 4chan and reddit and bring us all a view into their immensely pathetic life. But fear that saying it in person because they know 50 people would whoop their ass.
"You dont agree!? Do you have Aspergers!? Kek!"

Oh I see, you are a zit faced 20 year old fat fuck virgin who can't leave 4chan hows that refirgerator mommy complex?
by rolomaturbo October 06, 2015
Aspergers (or Aspies) are individuals far smarter than most of us who fall high on the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Aspies often are socially awkward, or have no awareness of social acceptance. Those on the spectrum are often highly intellectual, including Bill Gates and Albert Einstien. Aspies are "rule followers". It is not uncommon for Those with ASD to lack empathy, have a hard time grasping basic life skill concepts or have a "filter", yet they excel in what is important to them, which is usually 1-2 major focuses or fascinations; math, science, computers, legos, art, quantum physics, etc. Secluding, or introverting is a normal part of this disorder, as well as having sensory issues to lights, sounds, frequencies, touch, textures and tastes. You would be suprised at how many of the worlds most brilliant inventors had Aspergers.
My son has Aspergers, he is 15. He finished his High School credits 2 years early and is studying quantum physics, yet will not cross streets on his own.
by Libbyidol May 18, 2014
A disorder that makes life for people around them really hard.
(disorder) (life) (people) (aspergers)
A disease that prevents you from being normal. With asperger's you can't socialize correctly. I hate to be touched. I never even had a date. I was beat up by jocks and popular people at school, they called me ass pie and other mean names.

I always wish I was normal. I was deemed by teachers to have a " low iq " but the truth was i was an asperger's case. I am now 36 and high functioning. I live with mom and do simple chores around the house. I still haven't established my own life and ive never had a normal or real relationship of any kind, whether friendship wise or love interests.

I still harbor a bitter resentment towards all the jocks and pretty girls who picked on me and called me " the asspie loser."

If you know an aspie's please don't make fun of us, we are special.
I am an asperger's.
by Michael Todd Rehmeyer... October 30, 2008
The next stage in human evolution. Highly logical and intellectual but with limited social skills.

Many Aspies are also either virgins or homosexual meaning that they prevent overpopulation by not breeding.
The character of Mr. Spock has Asperger's.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 August 04, 2010
A syndrome that sounds suspiciously like "ass burgers."
"Hey, Paul, I done gone and shat out an aspergers!
by RadioKing01 November 30, 2009
A so called mental disability with little hard evidence behind it.Before you label me as an ignorant dick head i'm quite liberal and usually tolerant of others and my own brother has aspergers.

But it pisses me off when he constantly antagonises me and my parents refuse to do anything about it and when he upsets them and visa versa like this teaches him anything or helps him when he fails in school socially and academically.

And how it's diagnosed by a single test rather than a doctor or psychologist and could just be someone who is a bit of a twat or struggles socially academically or could grow out instead it's 'aspergers' and basically labels for them life.

Basically the term aspergers could be applied to anyone.
Mum: can you ask him stop annoying me?

Mum:NO you need to be more tolerant/put up with it,he has aspergers.

Me: I've put up with it last 13 fucking years and NOTHING HAS CHANGED this attitude does not benefit me or him.
by i_like_cheese_and_carrots August 11, 2011

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