Derived from the Arabic god "Al-‘Uzzá", the goddess of fertility, the name Asmaa is meant to symbolise a young and fertile woman ready to be welcomed into the world of polygamy (as is the tradition in Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt or Iraq). In modern terms, the word Asmaa is used to descibe someone who 'sleeps around' or and is thus prone to getting pregnant, hence the god of fertility. It is commonly used by men to describe a girl found to be sleeping with many men.
Jay-Jay: Hey, I just hooked up with this absolutely stunning girl last night.
T-bone: What was her name?
Jay-jay: Asmaa, why?
T-bone: Well... sorry man but I did too.
Jay-jay: WHAT!? What an Asmaa!
by Stephanus October 19, 2010
Top Definition
- Beautiful, fit and skinny
- Effortless beauty
- Gorgeous with a thousand watts smile
" OMG, look at her. She's so asmaa! I'm so jealous. How can someone get so beautiful!"
" Life isn't fair..."
by aekimie February 21, 2010
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