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Common greeting from an unidentfied Internet user requesting information about your age, gender and place of residence. Common among AOL users and trollers of chat rooms. Authors usually spells plurals with a "Z".
asl plz??? 12/m/wiggatown u? r u on aol 2? u got mail? lol u lk 50 cent? wrd 2 yr mutha. ur gay fagit.
by Wigga May 02, 2003
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Definition 1 middle eastern for i need some loving and a green card as well.Almost never a hi or hello just asl plz almost always followed by a buzz if you have yahoo. Definition 2 The mating call of the pathetic loser who cant get laid in the real world who thinks he or she has a chance with a computer. A cry for help.
Asl plz equals ignore
by oi! fuckin oi! September 20, 2005
41 40