1. A non-Asian who is either primarilly (or exclusively) attracted sexually to East or Southeast Asians. Reasons for this attraction can vary. Not to be confused with a person who has Asian fetish. Depending on the variation, an asiaphile's attraction can either be normal or an obsession, though as stated above, the motives behind this attraction play an important role.
Carl is white and finds Asian women attractive. Most of his girlfriends have been asian. He is an asiaphile.
by Tegeth August 28, 2006
Top Definition
Typically a fat white loser in his 50's who trolls around South-East Asia for a slim, submissive young May Ping Pang who wants him for his money and will want to cement their relationship with a child ASAP.
Look at that sweaty, red-faced asiaphile, he can't get a quality woman at home so he goes to Bangkok instead
by fuck you asiaphiles June 29, 2004
A non-Asian person who sees Asian people not as individuals but as sex objects.
for example many guys that say "I wish I had an Asian chick, they're hot"...to women that sounds like "I wish I had a (insert inanimate object here)"
We're human, not commodities
by Amy Tam February 25, 2004
A none asian male who prefers asian women. This attracation is based on shallow perceptions and media stereotypes of asian women.An asianphile believes asian women are better to screw aroud with because they think they are more submissive and much weaker.
The asiaphile went to Bangkok to find himself some nice young asian prostitutes.
by beez December 24, 2003
The term applies to a non-Asian person particularly a white man who has yellow fever. Thinks all Asian chicks are hot, usually can't tell the difference between a homely and a cute one just as long as she is Asian.
Lucy Liu is Asiaphile's favorite.
by DAC December 28, 2003
A white western male who has a pathological, sexual obsession with asians and their culture.

also see: Anglophile (common amongst the japanese usually older independent japanese women preying on young white males for sex), inter-racial relationship, racial stigma, racism.
symptoms can be alleviated via the patients own internal analysis.
Sufferers may experience loss of interest in western life (post colonial angst) and in the worst cases have sexual fantasies of exotic interracial love.
by david strange January 13, 2004
Caucasion American male, usually unattractive and with limited social skills, who is obsessed with Asian females.
"How long have you been in this country, Soon Kim?" asked the Asiaphile.
by Joyce Yang and Steve Scholten September 30, 2005
A non-Asian person who has an identity crisis and thinks he/she is Asian. Or a non-Asian person who really wishes he/she is an asian. Typically watches anime and hong kong movies, listens to K,J,C-Pop, and tries to get Asian friends. Usually tries to learn an Asian language as well.
Look there is another asiaphile wearing his Dragonball Z t-shirt that he never washes. That guy is trying to score with those ugly, fobby Japanese chicks by asking them to teach him Japanese in exchange for him teaching them English.
by anon June 12, 2003
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