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1. A characteristic that is normally attributed to Asian people.

2. A strong bias towards people of Asian heritage.

3. A blindness towards differences in Asian races.
1. Claire: "I'm so good at math." Lee Won: "What the fruit? Stop stealing my asianisms."

2. Willie: "Oh my god. I just love Asians so much. I wish I was Asian. Then I would be cool like Jung Ho Pak." Misaki: "Hehehe, your asianism is velly silly. White people are cool too, you know."

3. Michael: "You're such a hot Thai girl, Tiffany." Tiffany: "Shut up, loser, I'm Vietnamese!"
by bobtomjoeyoh July 16, 2009
1. A way of life commonly attributed to those of Asian origin

2. Much like a religion, e.g. Judaism, where there is worship of sushi, maths, and all things Asian

3. Asianistic - pertaining to Asianism; Asian
1. Person A: "Dude, my family spent the whole of last night making sushi"
Person B: "Maybe they've converted to Asianism?"

2. Person A: "Sarah aced the economics test"
Person B: "That's because she's an Asianist"

3. Person A: "What's for dinner?"
Mum: "Rice and -"
by urbanPSEUDONYM007 January 17, 2011

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