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The girl who can be a bitch at times and hella negative but gets hurt easily....falls for the wrong guys way too often...cares way to much about looks and would die to be that perfect girl who stole his heart....she often finds herself in bad situations and looks away from the simple answers that could help her...stubborn and doesnt listen well...wears hella braclets to cover her in love with flat irons, skinny jeans, and makeup...cant get "the world is crashing down upon me" outa her head...cant wait for school to end but knows she will miss her friends scared of the future...hates the past...and doesnt know wat to do with the present...
{if u knew ashneek u would know}
by eyes of good and bad April 13, 2008
Indian...NOT BLACK!!!...
kills puppies
and relationships with a conniving bitch,who lies and talks shit!
another term used to describe the instant sickness feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize the condom broke.
If u ruin this, you'll be another Ashneek!
by dani_nicole March 16, 2008
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