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A male of extreme greatness, likes good music and is a party animal
That guy's a right ashmore he needs to be cooled down
by Mike Wedges February 04, 2008
A last name from Chzechosylivakia whom used to live in Timbuktu
hey you, Jasmine Ashmore, are you a Chzech from Timbuktu?
by Jasmine Lickwaida July 16, 2011
A terribly unintelligent human being.
Me: Man that fag is such an Ashmore.
Joe: Yeah he should just die.
Me: You said it.
Joe: Let's take his money.
Me: He only has food stamps.
Joe: Those are his moms.
Me: Oh. What an Ashmore.
by Jon Coltaine Irenicus January 31, 2008

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