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a sexy, gorgeous, beautiful person who is crazy and speaks her mind. Fucking huge partier who never stops til she drops!!! if you ever have a ashlye then you are the luckest person alive you never want to let a ashlye go if you do then you will never be happy shes a huge heartbreaker and knows what she wants when she wants it!
tom: i had a ashlye before but she was to good for me!
john: she broke my heart:(
by SEXIESTbeastYOULLeverKNOW February 28, 2010
Usually refers to a crazy blonde chick that happens to have dated almost everyone, but is not a slut. Has bitchy tendencies, but you can't help but to love her. Typically really pretty, but not always. She eats small children.
Hannah: OH MY GOD! Did you just see that Ashlye?
Kaitlyn: Chyeah. She's eating a baby again...
Hannah: Yeah. And it looks pretty good...
by dangerousred June 14, 2008
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