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a very beautiful, smart, and friendly girl! shes the best friend anyone could have!
i wish i had a friend like ashlin!
by vh_luver May 03, 2005
An awesome, fun, intelligent, pretty, gorgouse, helpful, amazing girl that any lucky guy would surly date.
'Wow dude i wish i was going out with ashlin!'
by chickii July 21, 2009
a girl with a different style (uggs, shorts, and a tank with a hoodie) a great sense of humor, is a sexy beast, very flirtacious and guy friendly;always wearin lip gloss; you can trust her with anything except boys cause she boy crazy! also very loving and loves the word boo. She cant stand a complsive liar or a hater but she lets stuff roll off her back. Plus she has a big booty!(:
DANNGGGG! I wanna smack on that fine ashlin with her glossy lips and levis!!!
A Hawaiian slang for a whore that often likes to blow cock.
That girl is totally like an ashlin
by tacoman009900 July 13, 2009

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