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The most pointless and unwanted piece of trash on planet earth.
ash--tray, you dyke!
by MeritsOfHonor February 09, 2008
Someone who can't stop thinking of a past lover.
"Sam just get over Rozy shes jank."

"i can't i love her bare! i guess im just an ashtray."
by Pill Will October 22, 2007
when pounding a girl from the back, you sit an ashtray on her back, so you have somewhere to rest your smokes. it's common courtesy, as otherwise, you would be ashing your cigarette on her back, and that would just be inappropriate
wait baby, don't move. I got to get my ashtray before I take you to the doggystyle pound town
by dirty dynamite April 09, 2011
Term used to describe someone with a protruding sternum and a skeletal body type.

(also ashtrey)

See also:
carcass; birdcage
Ashtrey you dicknose
by Brad February 26, 2004
Someone who everyone loves, but people hate that person at times.
Whoa, Brittany is such an ash--tray! One minute she is giving me money for the Soda Machine the next she is throwing pencils at me! I'll still be friends with her though.
by Mister Miser March 20, 2008
a tray full of ash or sum1 smells like an ashtray
"omfg hollie ashton smells lyk a fucking ashtray!"
fishy ashtray ashton!
by hubbu bubba March 03, 2007
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