After School Dump
Bro 1:Yo man I ate some bad fried chicken now I gotta take an ASD
Bro 2:What do you expect? It's the schools FRIED CHICKEN!
by Tommy-sun21 December 13, 2010
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Top Definition
asd is the sequence of 3 letters on keyboards of many countries (europe).
In netgaming asd is often used as a spammy word that doesnt really mean nothing 8]
billy ate zio's granade
billy: lol!
zio: asdasdasd :D
billy: asd
by m4tt August 28, 2004
Anti Slut Defence. A tactic so to make the slut (or not a slut as the case may be) feel less guilty after having sex.
She waited for me to make all the moves as an ASD.
by brendan May 13, 2004
1. A spam word that doesn't mean anything, but more than often typed in a spamming frenzy.
2. American Sign-language for the Deaf.
Ritifo has taken the Blood Eagle flag!
Ritifo: li3k pmfg i pwn j00 guys!
Dispose introduces Ritifo to the spinfusor.
Dispose: LoL.
Ritifo: OMG HAXER!!1
Ritifo: asdasf
Ritifo: dfdsf
Ritifo: asd
by Ritifo January 23, 2005
Italian word for lol
- Crushridge World of Warcraft server (EU)

A: lol
B: asd
C: Stupid Italian
by Dutchy April 24, 2005
Random typing on european keyboards. Mostly used during period of total frenziness while chatting with friends.
Ayu: ... and it fell from the stairs. :D
Tal: LOL!
Ayu: ahahah such an idiot
Aki: XD
Tal: lool
Tal: dghmsrkgjesjfkmsrkfemafs
Aki: kiyumnrgdsdcds
Ayu: selkfwjfhrwjfekfsrlkfe
Tal: gfksritrkiw

...and so on
by Taliesin_the_Evildragoon June 05, 2005
Attention seeking disorder
Person 1: That stupid girl was walking in the middle of the road with a bright orange mini skirt on

Person 2: Oh man she had a bad case of ASD
by Dubstep.girl August 21, 2009

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