After School Dump
Bro 1:Yo man I ate some bad fried chicken now I gotta take an ASD
Bro 2:What do you expect? It's the schools FRIED CHICKEN!
by Tommy-sun21 December 13, 2010
After Sex Durry
Got up and had an ASD last night before going back to bed to get some sleep
by MellyMooster May 23, 2015
A Skylit Drive.
Acronym for the name of American post-hardcore
band A Skylit Drive. They are from Lodi, California.
K: Yo Jeff! Did you listen to the new ASD album yet?
J: Not yet dude, lemme hear it!
K: Here dude.
J: Dude A Skylit Drive is the shit bro.
by SchafferJunior July 10, 2011
The 3 letters in "sad" mispelled on purpose.

Just like the Eskimos have multiple words for "snow" og "ice" the Emos need many words to let everybody know how miserable they feel.

Emos are negative people. But positive to recycling. Hence "Asd" is not used by the die-hard Emos.
-Everything is kind of asd.

-Today I am normal. Asd allways.

-Asd, but true.
by El Vikingo April 20, 2011
Anti-Spanging Device. Items that prevent the homeless for asking for your spare change.
"spare change for beer, promise not to buy food?"
"dont even bother, he's wearing an asd"
"goddamn ur-pods!"
by grass-hopper April 19, 2009
After School Detention
Dude, that bitch Mrs. Neumann gave me an ASD
by Nina P. November 18, 2007
The ultimate disagreement. Also thought of as a tut. Created by Anna and Mitch.
Mitchell: the red one is way better

Tess: no, the pink one is prettier!

Mitchell: asd
by Tess Bear January 16, 2008

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