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As Soon As Fucking Possible
We needed those numbers yesterday! Get me that report ASAFP!
by belmug October 17, 2003
89 7
As soon as fucking possible
Get me that item ASAFP!
by Jensen Roth January 13, 2006
52 19
To do something As Soon As Fucking Possible, or As Soon As Frickin Possible.
Look, the tornado is going to be in here within a few minutes, get over here ASAFP!!!
by The Kentucky Yankee May 13, 2005
37 8
An acronym for: "As Soon As Fucking Possible". Sooner than ASAP (as soon as possible).
Bill: Dude, where the fuck have you been? It's been forever!
Josh: Here, there, you know how I do. We do need to chill soon though.
Bill: Fa sho man! Hit me up ASAFP!
by urmommycock August 03, 2011
8 4
Stands for As Soon As Fucking Possible. Takes the universally understood adage ASAP to a whole new level of emphasis.
Babe, I'm thirsty as hell. Bring me a Pellegrino ASAFP.
by MJM27 November 17, 2009
6 2
As Soon As Fucking Possible
Get your ass down here A.S.A.F.P.
by asdfqwer1234 October 02, 2008
3 0
acronym for As Soon as Financially Possible
Man I gotta go to Amsterdam ASAP man.... well, i mean ASAFP i gotta stack up first.
by Beerdedbeest December 12, 2006
6 35