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Stands for As Soon As Fucking Possible. Takes the universally understood adage ASAP to a whole new level of emphasis.
Babe, I'm thirsty as hell. Bring me a Pellegrino ASAFP.
by MJM27 November 17, 2009
The inate ability to locate a Starbucks nearby when traveling in unfamiliar territory.
Friend 1: “We need to find a Starbucks in this town. I need a triple chai latte pronto.”

Friend 2: “No problem, I’m guessing there should be a Bucks up ahead on the left.”

Friend 1: “You’re right -- I see it. Man, how do you do that? Your stardar always amazes me.”
by MJM27 December 02, 2009
Informing someone about something you did with the intent of getting appreciation
FYA, I took out the garbage earlier
by MJM27 January 25, 2010
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