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Greek Slang

Arxidi=testicle+kampos (valley)= Valley of testicles
Used when a place is full of men (party pub, bar)
Po re Malaka what is this arxidokampos. There is not a single woman here!
by panossak March 02, 2009
A greek word when in a plase are only mens.
Xaireto ton arxidokampo
by erevos January 27, 2004
in english "taint", the area between the pussy and the asshole,
where your balls slap when you are fucking a chick doggy style or missionary position where again your balls slap that area. the resting area for your balls
she loves it when my balls hit her arxidokambo,
o arxidokampos tis exei gemisi xisia
by O Kaneis June 24, 2010
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