Arun is hench, he loves being around girls and girls love being around him, he is the biggest flirt ever, he has ripped abs and big biceps, however he always gets distracted no matter how big or small the distraction is & also he has a huge mouth and cannot stop talking.
Arun: hey sexy
Girl: oh hello arun
Arun: your so sexy
Girl: thanks
by bossman333 January 06, 2013
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An incredibly dense person who simply cannot understand anything said. Also, someone who uses arrow keys
hagfish do NOT live in elephants arun
by lolercaust May 08, 2005
the hottest kid around, you should shd.
omg i want arun so bad!
by zani March 06, 2005
A term used by minors to describe asking an adult to purchase them alchohol.
ex. Man we need to go get a run before the party.
by RyanB April 26, 2006
Name for an amazing guy.
I wanna be an arun!
by NR39 November 03, 2011
arun is indian slang for PIMP or COOL. is
popular and loved by every one
that kid is so cool just like arun.
by Arun Ramnarain December 06, 2007
people who drive supras
i am arun and i drive a supra
by b2kkk April 07, 2008

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