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word used by recon marines, shouted loudly three times as a battlecry, came about when recon marines mimicked the sound a submarine makes during a lockout, can be used as a statement of agreement
ARUGA! ARUGA! ARUGA! , "great weather isnt it john" "ARUGA"
by mintsd August 09, 2010
when you see a good-looking girl/guy. you say "aruga".
(a good-looking girl/guy walks past)
"aruga" the guys says.
by ondreas July 07, 2009

1. A call or greeting, informal. An acknowledgement of notice.

2. A more formal or greater acknowledgement or greeting than aru.

3. An acknowledgement response to aru.
*** Joe just entered the room.
Kerr: Aruga.

*** BetterThanJoe just entered the room.
Kerr: Aruga, BetterThanJoe!

*** JoeBob just entered the room.
Kerr: Aru, JoeBob.
JoeBob: Aruga.
by Kerr December 04, 2003
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