ar-ti-fy (verb)
1. strengthen by learning basic art elements and design principles
2. open ourselves to new ways of seeing the world around us
3. encourage others and share ideas with fresh new vision
Encourage, reassure, brace, embolden and reinforce are perfect words to keep in mind as we artify: boldly build our art muscles.
by ravenspeak August 06, 2012
Top Definition
V. artifies, artified, artifying, artification.

To make art.
To apply artistic techniques.
The wall was artified with graffiti.
by Kya March 23, 2004
to artify (vb. active)
improve the environment and life with and through art; expand experience and enrich the world through artistic actions
My parents planned to artifytheir home by placing a local artist's work in their garden.
The company decided to artify corporate gifts through more creative ways of making donations, like giving away family passes to museums and concerts.
by the Barde March 01, 2009
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