A form of life which can think, decide, and have "feelings" that was created by another species.
"The latest robotic design is believed to be the first artificial intelligence"

"The 'matrix' is an artificial intelligence"
by Artificial Intelligence July 28, 2004
Top Definition
Natural blonde who dyed his/her hair in a dark(er) color.
That girl went to a hairdresser to get some artificial intelligence.
by Coenie November 14, 2004
artifician-intelligence: This idea of AI was practiced when i was 4 or 5 year old in 1953 when the concept of AI was not even thought about since computer was at its infancey. AI in fact mimic the experience of human being by puting human knowledge and experiences inot a computer by humans so nurses can access doctor's mind via computer when prescribing simple task of givng a paracetamol as a pain killer for flu for instance. What i did as a 5 year old was i got fed up waking from ny neibour's house 100 yards away , one day i decided to walk closing my eyes unsing the experiences recorded in my memory.
Artificial-intelligence: Nurses in hospitals uses AI
by ccdc July 18, 2009
Is in fact an extended degree of responsiveness on the part of a machine to fulfill it's purpose. It is a toaster that notes that the toast is darkening very quickly but the setting is on light brown. It is a car's service light coming on because an unexpected condition that might otherwise be missed by the owner could very well cost him thousands in repairs.
This new line of car has an artificial intelligence built in designed to anticipate how a passenger could be harmed and counter in such a way as to make nearly any accident on the road not just survivable but nearly harmless to the passengers.
by Scotchman April 13, 2010
A new found intelligence possessed by somebody with a smartphone who can now do a Wikipedia lookup and then spout the Wiki info.
Now that Idiot Jim has a smart phone he has Artificial Intelligence.
by Mr David February 18, 2011
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