The most beautiful Indian who has the best guy in the world.
Arti is Queen and you will bow to her every wish. muahahahahaha.
by xx bob December 10, 2003
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one sexy mofo girl!! shes is daaamn fooinne!!! i want to be her bebe!!
arti is my hot momma! i luv u artii!!
by iluvarti May 10, 2004
the sexiest mofo eva!
Arti is the hottest chick eva! ( I luv you!)
by mani May 10, 2004
When you don't use your brain and bump into things and say the dumbest thing, in short DOBI.
When you ask questions like,"Did you computer freeze, because you left your window open?" You're Arti.
by AnkitShah May 09, 2005
A rare species of dinosaur that can be found under most trees, and occasionally around Abhi.
I wonder where I can find an Arti?
Is that an Arti I see?
by A8H1 December 26, 2010
A crazy fangirl, they are their own species.
Stop being an Arti!
by junyjuny March 12, 2015
one who is obsessed with KEVINS
Have you seen Arti? Yeah, she's over there staring at Kevin. Which one?!
by roshposh19 October 18, 2011

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