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An arseholarama is any exasperating situation where every possible solution is blocked by conspiracy of circumstance. From a combination of arsehole and drama.
You have to get somewhere in a hurry to meet your friend, so you leave your house. Then you realise you forgot your cellphone. You go back for it, but when you get to your house the house phone is ringing. It could be your fuck buddy. So you unlock your house, and go to pick up the phone. The second you pick up it rings off, and the caller has withheld their number. So you go out again, knowing you're gonna be late. Halfway there your friend rings and says her dog is sick and she can't make it. When you get home you find you have dropped your keys somewhere. As you're trying to break in you get a txt message from your fuck buddy complaining that you never answer calls and they want to call off your arrangement. That is an arseholarama, and at this point one would say out loud "Arseholarama!".
by a skanky ho February 27, 2004
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