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When the value one claims for themselves is more than that which they're due.
Those of Humility know their place; those of Arrogance think otherwise.
by zappz88 June 25, 2013
The act or habit of making statements based on pride, self-importance, conceit, or the assumption of intellectual superiority and the presumption of knowledge that is not in evidence or supported by any facts or experience.
"The War in Iraq is similar to the War in Vietnam" stated by Howard Dean is based on Dr. Dean's arrogance and self-importance, and not based on any understanding of current events or direct knowledge of the situation in Iraq.

Senator Kennedy repeating "Lie after Lie after Lie..." is evidence of his arrogance that seems to derive from little more than his family name, and not from his knowledge of the subject matter, or his understanding of events.

Contrast this to ignorance -- for example, claiming that Islam is a Peaceful Religion when in fact the religion is only peaceful to others who submit to it (the meaning of "Islam") and even then it is not peaceful to other "believers" who belong to different Islamic sects. This is not an example of arrogance as much as an example of ignorance, but the act of making such claims is similar to arrogance.
by Dr. Rogers December 13, 2005
a general view on life which concerns thinking your better than everyone
'Oat sure has arrogance, as does his greyhound.. 'arrogance''
'Maloney does not deserve to have arrogance because he is a joke'
by No Bond 2006 November 01, 2006