(ar-p-ss) Typically used as a noun or adjective best describing people of Red, Ginger, or Daywalker descent. It is a rather accurate assumption that all people with orange, red, or brick-colored hair possess All Red Pubes. It is hard to tell which reds are actually ARPs, but a simple check of the eyebrow coloration may help you solve your enigma. If you cannot come within an 8 ft radius of the mysterious Red due to medicinal purposes, then it is considered fair on your part to go ahead and shout "ARPs!" as you passby. The term is in no way intended to be derogatory or hurtful; rather it is simply playful banter making known the discoloration of a select group's pubic hairs.
As I was walking into the supermarket I noticed a clown out front. When I came back out I realized that this was no clown and I shook his hand and called him an ARPs. It was then I laughed aloud to myself thinking how hilarious it truly is that a boy from La Salle could ever think he (or she) has the mental capacity to come up with such a term. Fortunately, I thought, there is such a place where men do excel to these mental capabilities...Loyola
by baracka obama for prez August 10, 2009
Top Definition
All Red Pubic Hairs......used in conjuction with red heads. Origionated at Loyola High School, or so legend has it.
When Chewy pulled down his pants I saw he was an ARPS.
by Funkey Monkey November 18, 2004
All Red Pubes. Yell it out whenever you see a red head. it's fun, just do it once, and you're hooked on it. most red heads hate it, but whatever, most people aren't so it's all in good fun for non-red heads. originated in Loyola High School
Stew yelled "ARPS!!!!" when the red head walked by. The arps turned around with a dirty look on its face
by Chris Stuardo July 21, 2005
albino red pubes. Especially a person with pale skin, freckles and orange hair. This person has a plumber for a father and thinks that he is of the Afro-American Race.
Colin Moran, you stupid ARP
by cole March 12, 2005
An Arp, short for Arpeggiator, is a device that causes a synthesizer to play the all of the notes in a chord in an arpeggio, rather than in harmonies. It was frequently present on monophonic synthesizers, and was used in early Italo Disco to create that "galloping synth" effect.
The modular synthesizer had an arp module, allowing it to play chord patterns which were impossible beforehand.
by Navij11 May 08, 2008
A really stupid town near troup who also really sucks. Arp has a decent football team. Full of a bunch of inbread people so if you come there use small words because the people dont understand. Arp is also full of a bunch of rednecks.
Yea you can tell they are from Arp!
by Kaselyn July 24, 2011
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