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a member of the British Aristocracy who imitates the Chav:
had a retarded mother of the Aristocracy who couln't pass her O levels,Wears real Burberry, wears real track suits, dates women whose fathers have sex with the bisexual grandfather and dad, wears real bling,does coke or hangs around other aristochavs who do coke, has low A levels, loves to rub up against eurotrash women who don't wear underware at night clubs, drinks a lot,Speaks US.ghetto, and Sloan ranger, urinates on the side of nightclubs,breaks china at exclusive clubs with other aristochavs(because they can);facial resemblance to the Monty Python twit.Stepmother is a famous, upper class prostitute.Tries to be tough, but given twit assignment in the military.fights with Paparazzi.Smokes cigarettes.
The aristochavs leered at Paris Hilton when she got out of the low car, wearing no underware, and walked into China White.She reminds them of their girlfriends with cleavages you could drive a truck through and have small hooks on the end of their noses, like their older mothers whose nose jobs are all sagging.
by f00 September 18, 2005
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