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When you argue with somebody and the other person gets his friends, family, etc to agree with him and disagree with you

This is really immature and pretty messed up because if you say 2+2=4 and he says 2+2=5 and then gets everybody to agree with him, you might be technically right but your still gonna be socially wrong

If you do this, it's because you can't accept being wrong and feel the need to be right about everything like your allergic to wrong. It's really not that bad unless you gotta be ego trippin. Just grow up and quit being a little kid

If your the victim of this your screwed and can't win the argument because 1 person will never convince 3 people that agree on the same thing against you, that there wrong. They think there right because they make up the majority
Doug:2+2=5 dude your stupid. hey Jerry don't 2+2=5?

Jerry: Yea

Doug:Stan said it was 4 what an idiot

Jerry: Your wrong Stan

Stan: I would be right if I wasn't getting arguejumped
by Optical_Epilepsy July 22, 2010
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