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A phrase existing for as long as there have been children and vehicles.
Family vacation in car - child in backseat calls out repetitively, ad nauseum, "Are we there yet?" This phrase is generally followed by ultimate adult frustrationa and the phrase, "Don't make me pull this car over!"
by Castlebailey November 27, 2004
phrase used by passengers trapped in a vehicle for any period of time. originates in childhood and extends to roadtrips
passenger: are we there yet?
driver: no
passenger: how about now?
driver: yes! get out.
by Sunshine December 13, 2004
The incessant question used by passengers to incite the driver of a vehicle to distraction. This inquiry results in more accidents and divorces than cell phone usage and internet use combined. The only correct defense from the insanity induced by the constant inquiry is, "It's at least another hour." even when the destination is only another 5 minutes.
Q: "Are we there yet"
A: "It's at LEAST another hour..."
by ~n~ December 08, 2004
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