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Some kind of nobleman in ancient Greece.
I'm an archon, I don't need ta put up wit' dis shit.
by Fred-o January 15, 2004
Two Protoss High Templar Merged to form a uniquely powerful Psionic Entiry. See also Starcraft
Tassadar would have made an kick-ass Archon
by T April 01, 2004
a nobleman/magistrate/judge in ancient Greece.
An Archon who was voted with emergency powers to reform the government contributed greatly to democracy.
by Chake99 April 25, 2005
1. A heavenly being taking the form of an attractive Italian-American. A Highman.
2. One of the 15 races in the Age of Wonders series by Triumph Studios.
3. adj. Archonic: Pertaining to one's exact standard of decency, good, and morality.
1. Hey, baby. Are you part Archon?
2. My Archons will sanctify you to the stone age
3. I have yet to meet an Archonic person.
by Mel October 10, 2003
Gosu Battle.net gamer of the Wolfpack Clan. Uses tags like xWPx or -=WP=- from his clan Wolfpack.
"That Archon is so gosu I wish I could be like him."
by Josh April 08, 2003