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No moral discipline especially related to sexual conduct.

Ignoring legal restraints, especially regarding sexual conduct.
The prostitute was arrested for licentious sexual intercourse.
by Chake99 April 24, 2005
a nobleman/magistrate/judge in ancient Greece.
An Archon who was voted with emergency powers to reform the government contributed greatly to democracy.
by Chake99 April 25, 2005
The New Democratic Party.

A prominent left wing Canadian political party.

Did not start health-care, that was Tommy Douglas of the CCF, it did not make it mandatory for provinces, that was Lester B. Pearson of the Liberals.

Ideological without a trace of pragmatism, NDP governments are characterized by large deficits, and ideological yet unrealisitic policies.
The NDP brought rent-control into Ontario, apartment building was brought to a standstill and more people did not have a place to stay than before the policy was initiated.

When rent control was removed the resulting rental-building surplus made housing for everyone and brought market rental prices below what Rent-control had froze them at.
by Chake99 April 16, 2005
An institution that is very unfortunately very necessary, and that regardless of what it does is hated by some people.
If no government was needed this would be paradise.
by Chake99 April 24, 2005

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