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An Attractive younger woman that have sexual relations with wealthy older men and records all conversation made between the two illegally. Then uses it as blackmail against said older man for monetary or public gain.
Reporter: Ms. Stiviano, Do you consider yourself to be Donald Sterling's Girlfriend.

Ms. Stiviano: No, I was his Archivist.
by Cynic April 30, 2014
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Someone who records and archives things they come across. Can be done with projects paper magic spells etc.
"Dude, i think my friend is an archivist."
by Shade Jackman January 11, 2015
An archivist is a nice name for male secretary. When a male secretary is embarrassed of their profession and they try to pretend they aren't giving coffee to a boss, they call themselves archivists.
That Stephen Harty CLAIMS to be an archivist.
by vinceismyboss March 21, 2010

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