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The apparent "god" of the Pokemon world, soon to appear in the 12th Pokemon movie to enact judgement day upon the universe. Some question, now that you can hack GOD IN A POKE-BALL, what legendaries are left to spew out.

So, what legendaries are next, Mr. Satoshi Tajiri?
Tajiri: Do you honestly expect more after we let you literally hold GOD in your hands? I don't think so.
by a concerned pokefan September 22, 2009
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Adjective. Used to describe someone with perceived godlike powers, the ability to change types on a whim, the ability to run a killer Swords Dance set, or all three.
Toddlers all believe they are gods, can turn from delighted to furious in a matter of seconds, and love to play with swords. Every single one is a classic Arceus... their Calm Mind set, however, is not very good.
by A totally cray person September 11, 2013
Motherfucking Space Goat!
Trainer: Holy shitt-skillets! A freaking Space Goat!!!!
Arceus: Baaaahhh!
by PeanutButterSister April 16, 2015
The 493rd Pokemon, said to be Pokemon's equivalent to God. Arceus created everything in the world of Pokemon. Only obtained in Diamond and Pearl through a special event held by Nintendo that hasn't even happened yet, or through using cheating devices. Arceus is the most powerful Pokemon yet.
Arceus, the God of Pokemon, created everything you see.
by LeopardGecko August 29, 2007

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