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arbaz is an amazing awesome person with so much charisma that he makes you want to smile. He is sweet and kind, with the cutest smile ever. He has a sexy body, with abs and everything. Every girl wants him because he is a one of a kind hard to find gentlemen.
your name must be arbaz, how else would you have so much swag.
by blahblah95 October 04, 2011
179 83
A very cool and nice friend. Is full of swag. He is very attractive and awesome. Will always be there for you and will support you. He is a good friend in times of hardships and happiness. An overall great person that is very kind.
Arbaz is such a hawt gentleman. Yesterday, he carried my textbooks and walked me to my class. Hes a very nice kind person.
by HaHa97 October 05, 2011
164 75