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arbaz is an amazing awesome person with so much charisma that he makes you want to smile. He is sweet and kind, with the cutest smile ever. He has a sexy body, with abs and everything. Every girl wants him because he is a one of a kind hard to find gentlemen. very cool and nice friend.

Is full of swag. He is very attractive and awesome. Will always be there for you and will support you. He is a good friend in times of hardships and happiness. An overall great person that is very kind.
He loves arts and music also math and is a very funny yet serious guy.
Arbaaz, OMG ! Is coming over, do i look okay?

He has everyone on Facebook
So popular and gorgeous!!
by Thumbsup September 18, 2013
Arbaaz is the most amazing guy in the entire world. He is extremely intelligent and loves mathematics as well as sciences. he'll always be there for you whenever you need him, and will never let you down because he is just too nice and loves everyone. He has beautiful eyes and laughs a lot and makes other people laugh a lot too. arbaaz is a swagger and has great potential for the future. he is an amazing person overall.
OMG! Arbaaz is the best!
by yourdream786 November 28, 2013
(1) adj. Extreme fatness and gayness

(2) adj. Super Faggot with no balls

"Dude, check out that Arbaaz over there!"
by Arballz September 09, 2008
a fug brown guy who has nasty hair all over his face who whores around the most ugliest girls.
ew, would you look at that arbaaz!
by yoyoyyoyoyo August 24, 2008
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