Meaning Beautiful Alter. Also a name for someone especially beautiful. Great friend, smart, and knows how to be mean to people who deserve it. Often best friends with someone named Sophia.
Maaan, Arabella and Sophia were DISSING Miley Cyrus yesterday at the party!
by Sochicachica August 11, 2009
Top Definition
kind and loving person who everyone loves. the most beautiful girl in the world.
MAN!! Arabella is so beautiful!
by ... November 14, 2004
A curious girl, her lips are like the galaxy's edge. When she needs some shelter, she takes a dip in my daydreams.
Arabella's got a pair of interstellar gator skin boots.
by FookingShalalala October 29, 2013
An absolutely gorgeous girl, who is extremely kind to people. She is the person you would be able to count on, and comfort you when you're in a rough situation.
Arabella gave me sound advice on how to catch a girl's attention.
by Degredo June 21, 2006
The Latin name Arabella means beautiful altar. She was be beatiful and graceful. All the boys in the world will want her. She is smart and you rarely see her frown.
that girls an arabella!!!
by them. October 03, 2010

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