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Put ones testicles over someones eyes
While I was doing your mom I gave her some Arab goggles
by Steven A Sayegh August 03, 2006
"Arab Goggles" verb {ah-rahb goh-gols} -The placing of each of one's Testicles over both eyes of a poor, unsuspecting Victim. A less hardcore version of the Tea-Bag - You will receive less respect for performing "Arab Goggles" than Tea-bagging, however it commands more respect than Chickening Out completely.
1. "John's friends were a little disappointed that he "pulled the Arab Goggles out" instead of "dipping the tea-bag", but all was forgotten in the midst of hilarity as Deborah awoke, screamed and ran outside into the bear-infested woodlands."
by Ronseal April 03, 2011
To lay ones balls delicately over another individuals eyes; rendering them unable to see past your hairy jizz nuggets. This practise is more commonly referred to as "Teabagging".
Christ on a bike, I was sat on the couch relaxing, when Jamie decided to Arab Goggle me... Bastard.
by Mackster86 February 01, 2009