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A girl whose breasts look like they belong to a baboon, or other very hairy primate. These breasts are usually very thin and floppy; with nipples that face the floor. They often have sporadic hairs sprouting but with more concentrated hair towards the rim of the nipple.
Kenny: I took her bra off, and she had baboon tits. They were fucking disgusting. I told her to grab her shit and get out of my bedroom.

Josh: Wow... I always thought her tits looked ok... while she had clothes on; obviously.

Kenny: Yea, she fooled me too. She took her bra off and her tits literally unfolded like scrolls with nipples on the end.

Josh: My god.
by Mackster86 February 01, 2009
To lay ones balls delicately over another individuals eyes; rendering them unable to see past your hairy jizz nuggets. This practise is more commonly referred to as "Teabagging".
Christ on a bike, I was sat on the couch relaxing, when Jamie decided to Arab Goggle me... Bastard.
by Mackster86 February 01, 2009
This term refers to an individual whose breath is reminiscent of a used Tampon. This smell is shitty, fishy... musty and generally gut wrenching.
John: Oh my god, I was talking to Jessica, and the dirty fucking whore has FULL ON Tampon Breath! I nearly puked up in her face.

Steve: Yea I know, she asked me for the time yesterday and I ran away screaming.

by Mackster86 February 01, 2009
a man whose chin is very stubbly, with an unsightly cleft... allowing for the unfortunate but inevitable comparison to a womans recently shaved, chubby vagina.
Yea, fuck off... you've got a proper cunty chin anyway, you ugly paedo.
by Mackster86 February 01, 2009

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