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The one day of the year where nobody, no matter how hard they try, can possibly be funny.
Hey man, you want some peanuts? (Snake flies out of can) April fools!
by Basil March 31, 2005
The one day when it's okay to be a complete and total asshole.
"Mom, I'm pregnant!"

"You're only fifteen." **has a heart attack**

"...Happy April Fool's Day..."
by jaycubed31 April 01, 2009
day when people get to use the most unoriginal jokes till 12:00
putting clingfilm on the toilet seat
swapping around the draws
turning back alarm clocks
by neen April 02, 2004
April 1rst. A day in which practical jokes are played. The second worst birthday surpassed only by febuary 29th
Gullible is written on the ceiling.
by Pepsi X-treme June 24, 2005
The best day of the year to wear sandals.
Vince: Hey, man, your shoelace is untied!

Diggity Monkeez: Nice try, citizen.
by Diggity Monkeez April 01, 2005
'tis what today be. April 1. A day in which you play jokes on other people and make them feel like phewls
Afghanistan isn't a smelly country. Ha ha, April Fools.
by Bastardized Bottomburp April 01, 2003
Noun: A day when one's deepest desire comes *true*. (and fools all their friends on facebook!)
1. Alison changed her relationship status on facebook to "Alison is engaged" on April Fool's Day. Many of her facebook friends fell for it but Betty just laughed at her desperation.

2. Richard buys lotto every week and on April Fool's Day, he updates his facebook status to "Richard is now a millionaire!!! He just won lotto!!!"
by gadgetfish May 01, 2010
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