A rustic.
Last game we got beaten by apple knockers!
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
Top Definition
A tall hick or overall wearing rube who is best suited to knock apples out of a tree with a stick.
Boy, that guy from West Virginia was a real appleknocker.
by Chris Gifuni March 01, 2006
In Flora, IL, the term {appleknocker} represents a festival held by Flora Academic Foundation. The apple is a symbol of education. The festival brings the schools, civic organizations, business and industry to share their resources and knowledge. Arts, industry displays, culture knowledge and performances are made available at no charge for the community. We are harvesting the knowledge of the community and sharing it with our youth.
by William Atwood August 17, 2006
A Hudson Valley (NY) rube descended from the original Dutch settlers.
Red Skeleton's character, Clem Kaddlehopper was an apple-knocker.
by headhood November 23, 2007
a rural person, a rustic person
Get out of my buisness you apple-knocker.
by Light Joker August 15, 2007
A hay shaker, hick, or gobby from the country. A country cousin, an unlettered rube.
Get a load of that apple-knocker trying to mail a letter in the fire alarm box!
by Bob Proczko October 16, 2006
A midwestern apple grower for many years
I am a third generation appleknocker
by Jony Appleseed May 15, 2006

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