company behind:
Apple Macintosh (1984+)
iMac (1999?)
Mac Mini (2005)
iPod (2001)
Mac OS X (10)
System 7,6 ect
iWill log into my iMac G5, iSync my iPhoto files to Mi iPod Photo.
by the1bigboy March 22, 2005
A round, edible fruit that, when eaten once a day, keeps the doctor away.
Apples are good for you.
by Neveah February 17, 2007
what the fuck are you looking up apple for? what did you think you were going to find...
you know that round fruit that humans call an apple.
by Jenjers January 02, 2012
the makers of the finest and most expensive paperweights in the world.
1:"Dude, I just got a Apple iMac!"
1:"The airflow through my room makes all my papers fly it won't!"
by TehTruth1 October 06, 2006
Apple Computer, a company owned by Steve Jobs. Apple's idea of marketing is just to bash Microsoft's products. Which is kind of stupid considering Bill Gates saved Apple's ass a few years back. If Microsoft didn't help Apple financially, Apple would have gone bankrupt many years ago.
Apple sort of reminds me of that friend you once had. You help him get back on his feet, give him a place to stay for a while and help him get a job. Then, while you sleep, he robs your house and disappears.
by David G. S. August 23, 2007
Apple Computer, Inc was founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Their first computers, Apple I and Apple II - while crude - initiated the personal computing craze - the idea that a computer would be useful in every home.

Apple became a hit, going on to release many more versions of the computer. But...

In the 1980s, Microsoft's MS-DOS took the market by storm, sales took a hit, and Steve Jobs signed his resignation. (returning shortly after his new line of NeXT computers flopped)

Releasing at least a couple of new operating systems each year, each of the four additional "10th" operating systems features almost comical new content such as a calendar when you press the F11 key (Dashboard), new (but only a variation of old) visual styles, and other efficient (but generally inapplicable) bells and whistles similar to content that can downloaded directly onto a Windows XP platform (ie. See for a OSX4 Spotlight equivalent). You can easily count the new features on the fingers of your hands.

To keep from "copying" Microsoft, Apple is often left with second-best. Copying the minimize/maximize/close buttons of Windows 95, they throw them awkwardly on the left. They're use an annoying drifting "dock" instead of a clean and well-organized taskbar, and Apple users are left with the Ctrl-click while PC users simply click the right mouse button.

Apple struggles with pricing and creating a market for all consumers: You can purchase a Mac Mini for only $499, but Apple's cheapest display sells for $799. It is also hindered due to a lack of developer support. (In fact, Microsoft is the largest developer of Apple software other than Apple itself). Often software is released for Mac months after the PC release.

Sales dwindling, Apple is now shifting it's primary focus from computers to the digital music market. (see iPod)
Today, Apple computers are primarily used in schools (as the software is severely fool-proofed and Apple offers a hefty educational discount), and as movie props.
by cynical1 July 14, 2005
The Record label started by Paul McCartney & John Lennon, of the Beatles. Long ago before Apple computers were out of diapers !!
I have all the Beatles records on all their labels including Apple that they own.
by Spiced Boogaloo January 03, 2013
Stairs. From the cockney rhyming slang Apples and Pears = stairs
Get up the apples its well past your bed time you lady!
by Rich Lawson May 22, 2005
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