Top Definition
An ass that is shaped like an apple.

A complement given to someone with a nice ass
Blank has an apple ass that drives his girlfriend crazy
by 123321 August 02, 2004
The condition of having a dry, shit-encrusted asshole, resulting from being distracted with an iPhone or iPad on the toilet for so long, that the shit around your asshole dries before you wipe it.
"I sent so many texts on the shitter that I got Apple Ass again."

"I should never go onto Facebook when I'm on the can because I always lose track of time and get Apple Ass."
by gregorator November 13, 2011
a chick who has a ass that looks like an apple, very unattrative ass, ass is big round and gross
that chick on jurassic park has an apple ass
by sacz69 January 25, 2008

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