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An apathetist is someone who instead of believing in the existence or non-existence of God, simply chooses not to give a flying rat's arse on the subject. They are freed from the delusion of religion; freed from the smugness of atheism; and freed from the indecision of agnosticism.

In a conversation about God, they will be the person who nods politely, then listens to their iPod until the conversation is over.
Religious: "Praise the Lord!! I live and breathe for Jesus!!"
Atheist: "I am just a bunch of chemicals whose life has absolutely no meaning. But dammit I won't rest until everyone else feels the same way!"
Agnostic: "There's no proof either way. Oh look there's a nice fence I'll go sit on!"
Apathetist: "Meh."
by dalb0z March 18, 2010
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