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Someone who just doesn't care whether God exists or not and realizes that such a fact won't effect their life anyway, comes from the word 'apathy' meaning "absence of emotion" and 'theism' meaning "belief in God"
Susan: "Are you an Atheist? Agnostic? Theist? What???"

Ryan: "None of the above, I really just don't give a shit"

Susan: "So what are you then?"

Ryan: "An apatheist because, like I said, I just don't give a shit and wonder why anyone else does too"
by sazzymazzy April 30, 2009
someone who doesn't care whether or not there is a god or an afterlife
Deists and Theists: Nothing can exist without a cause. Therefore, the universe must have a cause and that cause is God.
Atheists: Does God exist without a cause? If so, you've contradicted your own premise. Your God answers nothing.
Apatheists: Does it really fucking matter?
by VenkmanMcFly August 22, 2013
Someone who may not see the value in religious pursuits, may not align themselves with a certain belief structure, or may not concern themselves with religious institutions (including atheism, agnosticism).
Will: I couldn't believe it, this person bought into all that dogma about Noah's Ark and believed in Unicorns and Dragons.

Jim: Who cares? Why does this discussion matter? I'm just an apatheist.
by Sweaterman May 07, 2007
Someone who doesn't have any really set belief in anything, and doesn't really care. Like an agnostic, but not taking the time to define themselves as such. They may beleive in God, but don't do anything about it (i.e. - worship)
The apatheist had never gone to church and didn't see the point of starting now.
by Margaret April 20, 2004

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