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a tough class, but an easy ap exam
I got a 5 on the ap exam, yet struggled to get a B in the class.

thats definitely ap physics
by grinningdemon18 October 17, 2004
65 113
Proof that Satan exists. Who else could be behind the torture that is AP Physics?
In AP Physics, the class average on the last test was 55.
by h8physics October 04, 2004
418 61
fuck. my. life.
ap physics is ruining my life
by Megannot November 09, 2009
197 41
the only advanced placement course where you do everything, but physics.
Mike:"Today I played old nintendo games, ate ice pops, slept, talked about nothing, read part of a novel, lit things on fire, slept again, got yelled at,played calculator games and threw shit out of the window"

Joe:"You must have been in ap physics."
by Anonymous April 02, 2003
272 122
A course that no one should ever take. Wait until college to take physics! High school teachers usually aren't qualified anough to teach this course.

If you want to take an advanced science course in high school, try chemistry, bio, or environmental.
I got 4's and 5's and all my other APs. I got a 2 on physics. Actually, I think everyone in the class got a 2.
Teacher's fault.
by Swirly Manson October 15, 2004
180 80
Sucks! We do one chapter a day! The work is just too much, and too intense.
I'd be lucky for a 3 on the AP exam.
by bigtones December 16, 2004
110 57