1. Slang name for America Online, an internet service provider for morons. They over-charge the clueless for unreliable access to a dumbed-down, slowed-down, sanitized, homoginized, white bread version of the internet while serving up lame, annoying, banner ads and pop-ups.
2. The internet with training wheels.
Fucking AOHell just dropped my connection again!
by Harry the Hat November 24, 2004
Top Definition
The service provided by America Online ™ which is plagued by slow downloads, dropped connections, long dial-up times, and less-then-great customer service. Now overly priced service for Grannies with new computers who picked up a free cd at the grocery store.
I gotta get rid of aohell and get me some DSL.
'F#@%ing Aohell... I was 14 seconds from finishing a download and I got dropped.
by PythonSpam October 23, 2003
Originally; a program used to Hack the legitimate AOL program and add some cool features. Long before today, it was taken off teh web.
but, in todays news; AOHell describes the state of confusion and assfuckery that one has to endure to get to the "Internet" using America Online Servers. aka constant booting, slower load time for webpages as the Government watches, and totally fucked-up images.
In 1994:
GODDAMMIT this AOHell is the Best! I got free internet and downloads,and this KICKS ASS!
in 2006:
GODDAMMIT im in AOHell! I just got fucking BOOTED for the FIFTH TIME!!!
by Fatima-Chan June 17, 2006
So hard to use, no wonder it isn't number one! Or number two, three, four, five, six, etc...
AOHell is the spawn of Satan.
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b November 04, 2004
to describe the aol experience
Welcome to aohell, where wannabe 1337 hax0rs thinke they can hack you.

Aohell is so slow, it's like being in hell.
by xilo_olix June 04, 2003
That state of confusion that your computer will wind up in should you choose to install a software package Titled Aol.

See Also aol
They installed AOHell and now all their file associations are F*cked
by OldToker March 27, 2005
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