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(n-e-who-dool) An extension of anywho. Or a way to break a silence.
'Anywhoodle, i'm off.'
by NastashaMcMehmenyeh May 03, 2006
The word Anywhoodles is the combination of any and whoodles
a funnier way to spell anyways
"Well anywhoodles what are you thinking about?"
by OxiWolf June 07, 2013
A clever form of the otherwise not at all clever word "anywho." Anywhoodles is used where terms such as anyway and so are used to indicate either a transition or a return to a main point following a digression or a distraction.

It is used to great effect aloud when spoken in a stuffy British accent and followed by unusually technical or formal language.

Anywhoodles was coined in 2008 by Emily in Sofia, Bulgaria.
"Anywhoodles, according the the American Law Institute's Restatement (Third) of Products Liability, the three categories of product defect are: manufacturing defect, design defect, and inadequate warning or instruction."
by Bobby Mollusk December 07, 2008

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