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Basically it is another way to say anyway
If someone interupts you, say "Anyhoodle" and continue with your sentence
by Scotty-O September 10, 2005
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Another word for anyways, which is usually used when changing the subject from something potentially awkward or boring, or just to be quirky.
by guess~who December 12, 2009
A term used to indicate a change in conversation topics, created and currently used by Aaryn.
Aaryn: "Yep, haha.... anyhoodle"

JT: "whats that mean?"

Aaryn: "*anyhoodle: another term used to indicate a change in a conversation topic, also can be in the form of "anyways".

JT: "I see"

Aaryn: "That should go into Urban Dictionary, haha"

JT: "yeah man!"
by bluegrass.serenade August 08, 2012

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