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a guy whose breath smells like a shithole
hey anus face! shut your hole!
by stevo November 13, 2003
someone who is a total dickface permanoob shit talker retard. like katlyn wilkinson.
Girl 1 "Did you see the way katlyn chucked a fit after the volleyball game?
Girl 2 "Yeah she's such an anusface!"
Girl 1 "I second that!"
by calm down katlyn you fucker October 22, 2010
Literally: A guy/girl who has an anus for a face and shits out of it.

Actual: A fugly guy/girl who you would never ever insert your penis into/have a pnis inserted by.
"FUCKING HELL! What an Anus Face!"
by Snave Nareik July 25, 2008
a person with a face that disgusts people the way anus would
bush w. bush
by fun December 31, 2003
a word to call someone who is being retarded or just being a plain douchebagel.
dude this guy came up to my door and threw egg and dog dung at my window! hes such an anusface! he even left his clowup doll for me!
by LivingdeadKat September 27, 2007
a person whose face looks like an anus face
joseph is an anus face
by L3X December 29, 2004
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