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slang for shit,turd,poop,crap.
I'll be right back i'm just going to visit the porcelain god to bake an anus cake.
by mark ronaldson February 27, 2008
the point when your shit is half-way inside your rectum and outside the anus
Guy 1: Hey you almost done I really have to take a shit!
Guy 2: Yeah, one sec I have to get rid of this anus cake.
Guy 1: WTF!?
Guy 2: My shit is half-way in my butt and half-way out!
Guy 1: *runs away*
by MCPanda131 November 30, 2011
to partake of manual faeces removal
i'm just nipping to the toilet to bake an anuscake
by chan gooler May 11, 2006
A total douche or a painful situation.
"Hey look at that massive anus cake!"

"I just met this total random tramp, he's a right anus cake..."

"I've got an exam, what an anus cake."

"All 'beliebers' are anus cakes."
by BallSlapper9000 November 08, 2011
An uncouth individual who is so detestable and despicable that the name "anus" would be unsuitable; this is the type of person who, upon thinking of them, makes you visualize an entire cake made up of nothing more than compressed dirty anuses. Hence, an anus cake.
Person: "Hey, that dude just let his dog crap in the middle of the sidewalk and didn't pick it up!"

Person 2: "What a fucking anus cake he is."
by J-Boogie 1 February 04, 2010
Anus Cake- when a man eats the anus of his girl on his birthday. Can use props such as candles and matches.
Man #1- did you have a good birthday.

man#2- it was incredible I had the best anus cake there ever was.
by Squishy anuscake April 09, 2016
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