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A term used to describe a person who acts like an ignorant fool.

Picture someone who is so low, he or she is not even worthy to eat a cracker topped with your droppings.
"Yo momma is so fat she sat on a dolla and popped out fo' quatas!"

"My mom just died of leukemia you anus cracker."
by Liz P March 10, 2007
When your breath smells so bad that it smells like you ate a dead dogs shit and the dead dog. They will eat your children at night and your dogs if you don't protect them. The only way you can defend yourself is with Colgate products. It's like a gremlin after midnight except every hour of the day .
yo that girl sitting next to me in American history is such an anus cracker, let's put some Colgate strips on her chair .
by Eatmydiction8==D March 14, 2016
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