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(n) A person who defies fashion and trendiness passively, by just being an individual.

The polar opposite of a socialite.

Not to be confused with an antisocial, antisocialites do not shun socializing, but rather avoid using it as a lifestyle (as socialites do).

Also not to be confused with a nonconformist, who purposely does the opposite of anything they deem to be "in" at a given time.
If you just have to get that new Louis Vuitton handbag with built in poodle carrier, you're a socialite.

If you hate the world and everything in it, and are too lazy to do more than bitch about it, you are a nonconformist.

If you just don't give a fuck, you're an antisocialite.
by Monkeysquat May 21, 2006
One who constantly utilizes social-media platforms as a means to socialize remotely while never interacting with any actual human beings in person.

Not to be confused with antisocial which is when someone wishes to have zero interaction with anybody ever, in any form, in person or remotely.
Trevor has become such an "antisocialite", he has thousands of followers online but never leaves his parent's basement anymore.
by cwk415 July 05, 2016
Someone who boosts their destructive personality status by being seen in public and at high profile social events and clubs fighting, insulting other people or using drugs.
Pete Doherty is an anti-socialite.
by Prawny2 March 23, 2009
afraid to talk to other people or just hates to talk all together
After his grandma died, he becames very antisocialites and he didnt talk to anyone at the funeral.
by chrismart great June 04, 2011
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