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The literal or theoretical loss of an orgasm.

-In the act of Fornication-

When a thought pops into your head just before you orgasm, that is so disgusting that you lose the ability to finish.

-Theoretical use-

When, after getting into a book or movie, the ending is so horrible that it ruins the entire experience.
B: Oh man... I just thought of Fergie's face... I'll be anti-cumming for a week.

B: I got to the end of the newer War of the Worlds movie, and I was sort of into it. And then the ending hit and it was a total anti-came. Everything was just randomly perfect! UGH!
by Ogen December 05, 2009
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(n) Fergie.
I heard "My Humps" on the radio and when I heard Fergie, I anti-came all over my car.
by Just call me "Deepthroat" December 21, 2009

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